What are some nice Cooking resources for Single Men?

Blogs: If you are like ME, you would possibly appreciate http://www.cookingforengineers.com/, as a formula file with smart “attitude”. For inspiration, attempt http://blog.ideasinfood.com/.
Books: Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French change of state may be a sound investment if you’ll afford it; it is a nice reference for several basic techniques, even if you do not end up cooking the recipes “all out” fairly often. As a kind of reference book to appear up a basic formula for one thing you do not knowledge to form (e.g. a topping for a cake, a basic savory pastry for quiche, a red-wine reduction sauce for cut…), the enjoyment of cooking is comprehensive and quite reliable. I tend to avoid trendy cookbooks with immeasurable pretty illustrations; if I were to shop for a more moderen book, it’d in all probability be Mark Bittman’s a way to Cook Everything. If you’re scientifically inclined, i like to recommend Harold McGee’s On Food and cooking — it will not cause you to a more robust cook however it’s attention-grabbing as hell.

Knives, spatula, spoon, pans. Work with what you’ll be able to get cheaply initially, and as you get more into cooking you’ll end up needing to invest in higher gear. don’t be concerned regarding it at first, although you’ll end up suddenly “stuck” once you lack a crucial tool. simply MacGyver it, though try to not cut or burn yourself. A try of chopsticks is accustomed do virtually something.

Do therefore sagely. you will have to begin with some staples — flour, sugar, soy sauce, some variety of non-perishable acid supply like vinegar, olive oil, oil square measure a number of those i take advantage of a lot. Then you’ll have seasonings — salt, pepper, a supply of spice (cayenne or chili), and a few spices you wish.