Here 5 Yoga Poses To Help Get Rid Of Abdominal Fat!!!!

Getting rid of belly fat is definitely one of the hardest things. Besides the fact that it looks unattractive, belly fat or abdominal fat has been linked to type-2 diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, and cancer. Hence, it is of utmost importance to eliminate abdominal fat so you can prevent these diseases.

For that purpose, we have 5 yoga poses that will eliminate belly fat and strengthen your body!

5 Yoga Poses To Help Get Rid Of Abdominal Fat
1– Wind Relieving Pose
It can strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, thigh, and hip.
What is more, it can regulate your stomach’s acid levels, boost your metabolism, fight constipation, and relieve lower back pain.
Lie down on the back with your feet together, place your arms at side, and stretch out your legs.
Exhale and bend your knees. It is very important to gradually bring them to your chest, making sure your thighs are putting gentle pressure on the abdomen.
To be able to hold your legs in place claps the hands underneath the thighs. While breathing out, slowly lift your head to the knees.
Try to touch your knees with the chin. Hold this position for 90 seconds while breathing deeply.
Exhale slowly to release and return to the beginning position. Make 5 repetitions and take a 15-second break between each one.