Cooking a Live Lobster

French chefs plunge them into boiling water; English ones, in an attempt to appear more humane, drive kitchen knives through their skulls before doing the same thing.
Let’s make a pact. From now on let’s treat the lobster with the respect (and humanity) it deserves. Here’s how:
Use a pan deep enough to hold 6 liters of salted water to which you have added some shredded onion, a garlic clove or two and a bay leaf. Purists who live by the sea prefer to use seawater. People like me, who’ve seen what floats inshore as a result of coastal run-off, don’t.

Put a trivet or round roasting rack in the bottom of the pan, on which you will place the lobster. You do this so that it is not touching the bottom of the pan and will not be burnt as the metal heats up.

Does this improve the flavor? Nope. It’s purely for the comfort of the lobster.